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5 Clever Ways To Maximize Your Closet Space and Keep It Organized

Estrella Ruiz February 21, 2023

Whether you have a modest closet or a luxurious walk-in, you just have to be smart and creative when it comes to maximizing your closet storage. You also don't need to spend thousands of dollars to create a more decluttered, more manageable space for your clothes that add confidence to yourself every day. 

These simple but practical organization techniques can go a long way, and some of them won't cost you anything but your time and effort.
The first step to organizing your closet is to go through your belongings and purge your clothing, shoes, accessories, and any other items. See if any of them match these criteria:

  • anything that's out of style
  • anything that doesn’t fit anymore
  • anything you haven’t worn in a year (‘cause you likely won’t be wearing them again)
  • anything uncomfortable when worn;
  • anything that no longer works for you.
If your items match any of the descriptions above, it may be time to donate, sell, recycle, or toss them away. Experts recommend doing an edit of your closet at least twice a year: before spring and summer, and again before fall and winter. This allows you to streamline your wardrobe and stay on top of what you already have, especially if you’ve only got a minimal space to work with. 

Also, have designated storage for those that you want to donate or sell later on, especially for clothes that are still in good shape. Otherwise, any clothing that has stains or holes can be repurposed into old rags or tossed into the trash.
If you're thinking of a new way to make your clothes look neater and tidier while saving up valuable closet space, try the file-folding method made famous by world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo.

Instead of stacking your folded clothes on top of each other, fold them in half once more and stack them up vertically so they’re side-by-side like files in a filing cabinet. It’s an efficient way to arrange your clothes as they’re folded the same way. Also, no more ripping through your drawers in search of your favorite shirt because it’s now easier to find what you’re looking for. 
Space-saving hangers can be a godsend for closets with limited hanging space. If you haven't already, swap your mismatched wire and plastic hangers with slender hangers that will allow you to fit more onto rods. It’s even better if you want them in similar colors, or assign a color for each type of clothing, to add more style.

Just save the wooden hangers for heavier items and also padded hangers for winter sweaters. Vertical hangers or those with tiers are fabulous for stacking lighter pieces of clothing and even for hanging several pairs of pants. It’s a small and inexpensive investment that can greatly impact on the overall look and functionality of your wardrobe.
If you have a smaller closet and decluttering isn't enough, you need to think of clever ways to create more storage space. One trick is to use larger suitcases to store items you don’t necessarily need daily. It’s ideal for off-season clothes, especially those bulky, cold-weather items you won’t be wearing in warmer months, or resort wear and other travel items you might not need right away. You can also use rolling storage bins that fit under your bed so your closet will have more space for the part of your wardrobe you're wearing regularly.
Lastly, speaking of making the most of all of your closet space, why not use the front of your closet door as well as the back? Consider adding hanging organizers, but instead of the usual clear plastic pouches, opt for more stylish options that are pretty enough to hang outside the closet, as well as the inside. These storage solutions are perfect for keeping your shoes, accessories, wallets, and all your favorite daily items organized for easy access so you don't have to go digging through your closet to find them. Plus, they also make good use of otherwise unused door space.

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